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Currently Serving: California, Florida, D.C Area; Maryland; New Jersey, North Carolina & Texas with more to come!

One Great Concept, Two Great Models


Chef It Up!

Chef It Up & Chef It Up 2 Go began in 2003 and we recently began franchising over the past few years and are now Nationwide!  Serving  CA; FL; D.C. area; MD; NJ; NC; TX and more on the way!!   CHEF IT UP & CHEF IT UP 2 GO was listed in numerous issues of Entrepreneurs STARTUPS Magazine as a trending franchise and recently in 2019 we made the top 100 low cost franchises! Plus our CEO was recently awarded as one of the 2019 Top 25  Leading Women Entrepreneurs! We were featured on News12NJ and various networks too!   Be sure to check out our media section on our website for videos, awards and more!


As a CHEF IT UP franchise owner, you will organize, establish and operate a CHEF IT UP party place in a territory, where children and adults ages 2 1/2 to 102 can have a cooking party, event or attend cooking classes and learn kitchen basics while trained adults assist and supervise the preparation of fun foods with an enthusiastic approach.  CHEF IT UP also offers adult classes and special events too. The concept is designed for groups of children and adults celebrating birthdays or milestones, school field trips and classes, corporate team building events, adult cooking classes, cooking battles and more!  It’s truly a unique approach, and a wonderful business opportunity! CHEF IT UP is a nut free party place and we are a very food allergy friendly company!


Chef It Up 2 Go!

CHEF IT UP 2 GO are the travel teams (your car) bringing the fun on location. As a franchise owner of CHEF IT UP 2 GO, you will be given your own  territory within which to operate and bring all the fun to the customer! CHEF IT UP 2 GO offers a variety of cooking programs and classes; special events and interactive demonstrations; cooking battles; birthday parties or custom parties that are offered at public and private schools, recreation centers, homes and businesses!  You can do all the bookings from the comfort of your own home! It’s a low cost approach to own a part of our amazing CHEF IT UP 2 GO concept, yet it gives you the complete flexibility of creating your own hours. Our years worth of menus and programs have been created exclusively by our CHEF IT UP & CHEF IT UP 2 GO founder & team and are never-ending so there’s no guess work at what culinary masterpieces everyone creates! CHEF IT UP 2 GO products are nut free and food allergy aware!


Best of all, compared to most self-run businesses, start-up fees are reasonably inexpensive! Whichever franchise option you choose, you will receive our operations manual, the equipment needed, initial advertising, detailed menus, training , and  more so you are up and running in no time!  Whatever option you choose, remember a quality brand such as CHEF IT UP or CHEF IT UP 2 GO is more than just a name.  We represent an entire entertaining experience for all to enjoy and becoming part of something what we have developed means you are that much closer to your recipe for success!

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own your own lucrative business franchise!

here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: I am interested in the CHEF IT UP 2 GO option and I have  small children is this something I am able to do part time?

A: Yes of course it is! The glory of this business is YOU are your own boss! Keep in mind that most classes are usually after school hours or early preschool morning so basically you are out at work anywhere from 9-11am and 3pm to 5pm on most weekdays and occasional weekends.

 Q: I do not have a culinary degree but I like to cook can I still be a franchisee?

A: Of course!  Our operations manual, training video and hands-on training provides everything needed to run successful programs & events! No guesswork for you as we provide complete details for all of  programs we offer, food & safety, staffing, etc...  

Q:  I'm a little nervous with everything being peanut & tree nut free?   Do you recommend that I still work with this franchise?

A:  CHEF IT UP & CHEF IT UP 2 GO takes great pride in keeping things always 100% peanut & tree nut free and we try our best to accommodate other food allergies as well.  We train extensively in the area of food allergy awareness and require each franchisee to maintain memberships with specific food allergy organizations to stay educated.  We also train each franchisee how to properly read labels for the allergy info. and how manufactured. We also provide a safe food & snack list and even offer phone support that is available 7 days a week to you if you are unsure of any ingredients & manufacture information.  

Q. What is the total investment for a Chef It Up party place? 

A.  Approx. $55,000 to $75,000 is the total investment necessary for CHEF IT UP facility which includes the franchise fee and build out expenses all inventory too!  

Q. What is the franchise fee for a CHEF IT UP 2 GO? 

A.   Approx. $25,000 to $35,000 is the total investment necessary to begin operation of your CHEF IT UP 2 GO travel team which includes all inventory, franchisee fee and everything needed to start up operation.

Q.  What are the royalties? 

A.  Royalties are 6% per year for both a CHEF IT UP facility and CHEF IT UP 2 GO option.

Q. What is the franchise fee for a CHEF IT UP 2 GO? 

A.   Approx. $25,000 to $35,000 is the total investment necessary to begin operation of your CHEF IT UP 2 GO travel team which includes all inventory, franchisee fee and everything needed to start up operation.

Q.  What are the royalties? 

A.  Royalties are 6% per year for both a CHEF IT UP facility and CHEF IT UP 2 GO option.

Q: Can I start with a CHEF IT UP 2 GO option and then maybe purchase a CHEF IT UP facility down the road?

A: Absolutely! It’s a great low cost option to be able to begin operating Chef It Up 2 Go then generate enough income to purchase and fund your entire Chef It Up facility.

 Q: What is the criteria for being a franchisee of a CHEF IT UP or CHEF IT UP 2 GO?

A: First and foremost you must have an enthusiastic and energetic personality and be a people person as well as love to work with kids, any age as well as be outgoing to work with adults too!  You will be required to be fingerprinted/background checked before you open your CHEF IT UP center or begin operating your CHEF IT UP 2 GO.  You will receive all of the training needed, receive our operations manual & training video  and definitely have the confidence and knowledge to really wow a crowd!  You also must be a hard worker and VERY organized and also like to cook! It’s that simple! Keep in mind when you buy a CHEF IT UP or CHEF IT UP 2 GO franchise you are becoming part of our family so support is always available even after your training is complete!

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